Protection spells for Protection from Negative Energy

Protection spells

Did you know that you are always surrounded and engulfed by a cloud of negative energy which will always come in your way of success? It is important that you protect yourself from this negative energy by different kinds of positive and powerful spells.

Most people have questions of how to ward off the negative energies, evil spirits or black magic. People who are surrounded by a weak aura are usually harmed by the evil eyes. If you feel that you are one, who is surrounded by negative energy, then you can follow these techniques to get rid of them.

  • Summon the goddess using spirals

In order to ward of negative energies out of your home or your other surroundings, place the design of a spiral in the doorway or a spiral object in the left direction. Use the same spiral inside the house facing the right direction. These spiral figures represent the strength of the mother goddess and this alone can help you to achieve great results by banishing all the evil energy from your house.

  • Prepare a glass of water with water and coarse salt

This is one of the most popular methods of protection from negative energy. Take a glass made of crystal and pour in some coarse salt and water in it. Stir the mixture with a wooden spoon clockwise and leave it in the entrance of your home or your workplace behind the door. Coarse salt and water is known to absorb all the negative energy. Repeat this for every month and pour the contents into running water after refilling it with fresh solution

  • A white magic spell

This is a very powerful spell that will help protect you from negative energy as well as negative people and their actions like verbal attacks and jealousy, negative gossips, sorcery and black magic. For this spell, you would need

  • Your own picture
  • 4 blue spell candles
  • one white spell candle
  • A few drops of essential oil for your astrological sign
  • Sage incense
  • 3 acacia leaves
  • 3 black tourmaline stones

Wash your hands well in a bowl of clean water that contains a drop of essential oil. Prepare a circle by placing the blue candles on each prime point, and the white candle in front and then light an incense stick to the left of the white candle and the acacia leaves and the tourmaline stones to the right. Place the picture in front of the candle and then take your photo and pass it over the incense three times. This will help clear out all the negativity from your surroundings as well as yourself as well.

These are the protection spells that can help you to get rid of the negative energy around you.

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