Mantra to Control Enemy

Mantra to Control Enemy

Control Your Enemy by Magic

The “Mantra to Control my Enemy” is used to bend someone on your will. They will act upon the way you want them to. Sometimes in life you will feel the urge of controlling your enemy at times when they make you suffer a lot. And by making them work according to you will invcrease the possibility to make them loose the tracks of you and focus on the things that they are going through. But this black magic is unstoppable because once she use this, the urge of using the mantra again and again has increased.

How the Control Mantra Works?

Before performing the black magic ritual, you will be needing few things to carry with you. First you will need to pick things i.e. twine, picture of your enemy, thing that is used by your enemy or a lock of hair, a white paper and pen, 3 red candles, milk, rain water and mangoes.

This powerful “Mantra to Control My Enemy” must be performed on Tuesday. At first you will need to write your enemy’s name on the sheet of paper and fold it to 7 folds, then wrap the lock of hair or the used thing of the person around the sheet of paper. And with this secure it with twine. This package will represent as your enemy. Then keep the milk, rain water and mangoes lined in one row and place one candle each in the front as well as in the back of the thing. Now while lighting the first candle, you will need to chant the Black Magic Mantra alongwith the name of your enemy. Then slowly till the first candle is burning, lit the second candle and start chanting. This process will continue and this must be done in a very isolated place like cemetery. This ritual must take place for 3 continous days.

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Outcomes of Control Mantra

There are various ways to manipulate your enemy’s mind.  This “Mantra to Control My Enemy” is so powerful and proven one that you will see effects of it from the day you styart. But this Black Magic Mantra must be performed on Tuesday. Once they are under your hands, you can make them act on the way you want them to.  They will fall Victim to Your Black Magic Spell.

Black magic is a procedure through which, you can achieve anything in this world. This Black Magic Mantra can be used to command over your enemy’s mind. He will do exactly the way you want him to and slowly he will be busy in sorting things out in his life and will find him loose hope and track of you. Slowly all the problems will be solved. He will become crazy after a time. All these will also affect his career. He will find himself in devastrated by the career dropdown, finamcial position also becomes an issue for him.

To perform the “Mantra to Control My Enemy” first you must believe in it that black magic can give you everything prior time that they couldn’t.

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