How to Convince Parents for Love Marriage

India is a society, where everyone still looks down upon love marriage like it’s a taboo. And it very difficult to convince the parents of the couple as they do not like the fact that the girl and the boy have chose a partner for themselves on their own without consulting them. If you are in such a predicament and do not know what to do and how to convince your parents to consent to the marriage and give you their blessings then there is still a way. You can convince your parents using the powers of tantra. Many people do not believe in this age old ritual and practice, but it is very powerful and will help you in getting your parents on your side.

Mantras to Persuade Your Parents

When you love someone then you want to spend the rest of your time on this planet with them. But sometimes begrudged parents do not like it and try and stop you from doing what you want. When all of your pleas and your convincing powers have gone in vain then you can use some mantras to convince your parents:

  • Use the ‘shri ganesham’ mantra if your parents are angry with you. The chanting of this mantra will reduce any kind of resentment that your parents have towards you. This will bring your parents in a better mood and you can proceed for the next step.
  • In order to convince your parents for the marriage, employ the ‘om vivahaharthe’ mantra. The chanting of this mantra will persuade your parents and they will agree to your marriage.
  • There are instants where you feel like that you have tried all sorts of things but all have been a big failure and your parents are not ready to give their blessings for the marriage then you can try the Vashikaran Mantra. In such cases, we have got proofs that say this particular mantra is so powerful that it can make anyone do whatever you want and thus can greatly help you in persuading your parents for the marriage.

How to Convince your parents for love marriage

You might be dubious and feel that these mantras might fail. But these mantras have been tested and practiced for years and you can be assured that your parents will happily give you blessings for the love marriage. These mantras will not only persuade your parents but also it will convince your lover’s parents. When it comes to inter caste or inter religion love marriages, then eloping seems to be the only way but doing it the right way with the blessing of parents gives you extreme happiness. These mantras can greatly help you with this. You can wear amulets that are blessed by a tantric whose positivity will help you in convincing your parents.

Increase The Effectiveness

Recite these mantras 2100 times or 1100 times at a time to increase their effectiveness. You can also perform these rituals and chant these mantras under the guidance of a guru, tantric or astrologer so that you perform all of the rituals correctly. Perform these rituals on Tuesdays and Saturdays as these days are very powerful and can help in convincing your parents faster.

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