Black Magic To Punish Someone

Black Magic To Punish Someone

Punish Someone Through Black Magic

You have someone in your life who wants to cause damage to you or have already done it. They have been troubling you from a long time hence. And now you want to seek revenge from them. In critical situations, when you have no one to support you and you are really suffering a lot from your enemy, then it is the exact and the only way to seek your revenge. You can punish your enemy by real Black Magic.

There are people who are of no good to anyone but causes trouble by taking advantages and hurting other people around them. These people must be taught a lesson and in this you might use “Black Magic To Punish Someone”.

Black Magic is something you might think to be superstitious but it is effective when you use it correctly. All the black magic spells are carried out by supernatural powers that you offer prayers to. They will fulfill all your motives of punishing your enemy.

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There are various ways and rituals to use “Black Magic To Punish Someone”, but also they must be performed technically perfect.

For this you can do a simple act of ‘Reversionary Witchcraft’ which is done by taking a sewing needle. A black thread is tuck through the eye of the needle and make a not by taking the name of your enemy and and tuck one of the end of the thread through the same eye to make second not and repeat the action for 7 Times. You will need to make a total of 7 nots and during this whole time you will need to chant the reversionary Black Magic Spell.

In some cases you might not know who your enemy is and so to use “Black Magic To Punish Someone”, you will first need to find out the person. This can also be done by black art. For this you will need two mirrors, one placing back of you where you will need to sit by placing your back to the mirror and the other one on your left hand. Then see the reflection in the left mirror by chanting the spell to show the image of your enemy on the Mirror Back of you. Once it shows the image of your enemy, just spit on the mirror and break it into pieces. By doing so your enemy will forget all the traces of getting into you and thus your desire to punish him will be fulfilled.

Revenge Is Taken

Black magic is a boon when it comes to punish someone who is acting as your enemy for days and years. Even if you dont know that person, you can find him out and show the real outcomes of his action. The action of “Black Magic To Punish Someone” can be seen within very few days of chanting them. They are so effective that no one can actually find any trace of the magic and they will receive what they have sowed.

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