Black Magic through Food

Black Magic– Its Effects through Food Ingestion

All throughout the world, black magic has numerous names by which it is known and used mainly for evil purposes by invoking the power of evil spirits. It is an ancient science utilizing the five basics which involve chemistry, physics, biology, electronics & ether (universal spirit) to harm or heal people. The core of all real black magic spells lies within the spirit world or the world of the dead.

If one is a female, one is more prone to becoming a victim of the spirit world compared to men. During their menstrual cycles, women’s auric shield weakens and so, if she goes near the graveyard or a river or lake or under trees, apply body sprays, consume alcohol or drugs, keeps herself dirty, allows negative or sexual thoughts, she is welcoming trouble as spirits are present everywhere and can take charge of the female body any time the circumstances are right. Whilst, in the case of men the auric shield grows weaker/breaks/open up if they consume drugs or alcohol, involve with women who are possessed or are unhygienic. However, the auric shield can become weak in case of extreme sickness or in an accident, both in the case of men or women.

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Black Magic Through Intake of Food

Black magic done through food can be given to a victim through drinking or eating such as adding the black magic to food or drink. It does not matter whether one is a meat eater or a strict vegetarian who meditates or prays to God every day. One will feel the effects if someone has started black magic against one. But, if the ash of the dead has been fed to oneself, there’s no other way other than becoming a helpless dummy at the hands of the magician.

Precautions To Be Taken

All that one can do to prevent themselves from this situation is to not eat or drink any item from anyone unless the person shares that food item with one. One can create an opening in one’s auric shield which can control one’s body and mind by giving them sweets/desserts that are filled with the ash of the dead and charged with negative mantra. None of the mantras, meditations or therapies will work, except for slowing down the negative effects to some extent, if one has been fed the Ash of the Dead by one’s enemies. If the condition is not so serious, then doing prayers and meditations and eating the right kind of food will help one take care of one’s situation, or keep protecting one for some time but there is no way one can treat themselves if the magic is still ongoing.

  • The main thing in magic is one’s got to know it’s still here, all around them, or else it just stays invisible for one.
  • Evil begins when one begins to treat people as things.
  • Witchcraft can be elegant or messy, can use crystals, herbs, books or candles. It has no defined style.

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